One Dedication

saya persembahkan sebuah lagu dari Adhitia Sofyan yang berjudul Number One, dari Album Quiet Down. Lagu lama tapi masih mengena sampai kapanpun.

Number One

I don’t mind if you hate Monday
We can make this like a Saturday
And all the fuss and whine will over
As we drive in to the madness

With breakfast on the go
We’ll dine on city lights
Didn’t I tell you to just sit back
Cause my girl, they all don’t matter (any longer)

Cause you don’t even have to try
You’re already my number one
I don’t need the mellow tunes
And all the lines you’ve wasted over me

I don’t mind if time goes too soon
We’ll stay up all night an make it slower
And when the morning comes between us
We’ll just get ready to start it over

ini link nya. Enjoy. 🙂

n.b: jangan lupa beli albumnya.


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