in the end #lebay

Hei kak,

Congrats for your new page of life!


Yeah, it’s sound really great isn’t it? 😀 hmm.. i’m gonna miss you. haha. Your dormitory in just 100 footsteps from mine, your pampered motorbike, lending and borrowing, delivery goods, go home together (bali/jakarta), and so on. 😀 it’s been 3 years right?

Maybe it’s quite different after you work, seperti jatah liburan yang gak akan sama kayak dulu. When you going to be holiday, i’m still in uni to do things work out. Same as me to you. We are all meet together in lebaran day! hahah. Or if i already graduate and follow your steps.

But it’s life, we have to take it, face it, and doing it.

Anyway, happy working than! Make sure you satisfy to do your work. It’s your first experience in real life. 😀

We All Proud of You Kak!


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