Venue: Garden Juice Jogja

Saturday evening when the sun came up after the rain dropped into the noon, me and my friend went to the Garden Juice near my dormitory. Because its near, we using bicycle. The chilly breeze and quiet street make my mind fresh and hungry. Hahah..

I parked my (loan) bicycle near the little tree and took a seat not far from the bicycle so i could watched it carefully.

At Garden Juice, we can see garden with the round and square wood table, wood armchair and a lot variety of shade trees. This place make us dawdled to enjoy that. When we arrived, there are many people enjoyed the juice, view, and chit-chat with others.

Garden Juice have speciality of juice (definitly) and some healthy food. There are three kind of juice in here, basic juice, mixed juice, and smoothie. Some healthy food like fruit salad, sandwich, and many more. The unique thing is Garden Juice make special name for each juice in the menu.

After looked up the menu, my friend chose Lonestar and i chose Hello Morning. Lonestar is mixed juice from papaya, orange, and kiwi. Hello Morning is smoothie from strawberry and orange. Than, we chose special sandwich from Garden Juice home made.

Not took so long to wait the juice and the sandwich done, it is just take about 15 minutes. The taste of my juice, the hello morning was really fresh! And when i taste lonestar, it taste great too.

For special sandwich, i just wanna tell you that it’s really delicious! Four slices of triangle bread with each slice consist of cheese, smoked beef, cucumber, leek combine with black paper, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise.

Can you imagine that? 🙂

How about the price? Hmm.. The price is not cheap at all because this isn’t just about the taste but it’s also about the value that the owner want to tell. Do you wanna know it? Come and feel it!

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