Trip: Sunset in Candi Barong

In my opinion..

Catching the sunset with toy camera isn’t easy like camera pocket or DSLR. You have to know the right time and right moment to take it. Your chance to take it based on your roll film and you don’t know the result whether good or not.

When i tried to catch the sunset in Candi Barong, Yogyakarta, i could felt that this was the right moment to catch it. I tried with camera pocket and the result was great. But when i tried to used toy camera, the sunset unseen. Like this images..

But, the good news when you take some photos with toy camera, the result is lil bit old fashioned. I felt more satisfied when i looked the result. Hehehe..


Candi Barong is one of candi hindu in Indonesia that located in Dusun Candisari, Desa Sambirejo, Prambanan, Sleman. Candi Barong approximetly in 200 m above the sea level and was build estimated in 9th-10th century.

(more information, visit this site)

2 Candi
One of Candi Barong
Candi’s Gate
View in Candi Barong



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